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As the FlowStone export of the synth is free... Charging money for or bundling it with other software and selling it without permission is not permitted. Modifying or any part of it's code without permission from it's creator is also not allowed.

Compressed files

Saguaro v0.45 - 32/64 bit VST plugin:
VST 3 versions (ZIP file)
VST 2 versions (ZIP file)

Saguaro v0.45 - 32/64 bit Standalone:

Executable .EXE program (ZIP file)

Don't forget to download the required Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013. You can find it here

Update history

April 2023 (v0.45) 

  • Fundamental Saw

    - Main sawtooth has been changed resulting in a slightly changed overall sound
    - Saw Shape knob now replaced with knobs S1 and S2

  • Slice

    - Now has two modes: Slice and Frag (fragment)
    - Both modes use an arbitrary number of samples of a sawtooth to "mechanically mess with" the outputed final saw. Either by keeping these samples and subtracting the rest, or, by subtracting these samples from the final saw
    - Frag results in a very subtle comb filter like effect
    - Slice and Frag also added to Auxiliary Oscillator's Saw and Square waveforms
    - Slice and Frag is disconnected until used

  • Fixes

    - Uni/Bipolar Offset preview is now updated correctly
    - Uni/Bipolar Offset preview also shown when holding left mouse button down
    - Adjustments of GUI to improve usability
    - Other minor fixes... hopefully not resulting in other/more issues

March 2023 (v0.44 and v0.44.1) 

  • Adjustments & Fixes

    - Distortion was broken in v0.44, fixed in v0.44.1. Distortion knob will be adjusted in upcoming update 
    - New parameter "Slice" changed. It's no longer static length of samples
    - Future updates might instead add option for slice length including static length
    - Reduced memory consumption compared to previous v0.44
    - Other minor adjustments of GUI to improve usability

March 2023 (v0.43)

  • LFO Modulation

    - Mapping of LFO's Depth knobs has been changed. Any presets created with previous versions of will have to be adjusted
    - Uni/Bipolar Offset reworked and now only scales from 0 with Depth knob. It can no longer be set to a static DC negative or positive offset

    - A larger visual representation of the Uni/Bipolar offset is now shown as reference while adjusting

  • Amp/Filter/Mod Envelopes

    - Envelopes can now be switched between Flowstone toolbox ADSR and AHD

  • Slice

    - New "Slice" parameter added. For playing around with resonance
    - Slice knob attenuates lower harmonics by just keeping the first samples of the saw waveform and subtracting remaining samples with themselves. Note, in this version, that since the amount of samples is static regardless of played note, the amplitude of the spectral content in the "slice" wont be the same across the frequency range
    - The Slice parameter cannot be modulated nor controlled by assignable C1..C3 yet. It will be added in future updates

  • Fixes & Adjustments

    - P3C knob for "Pitch n Sync Duo" Osc module has been adjusted
    - Minor adjustments of GUI to improve usability

March 2023 (v0.42)

  • Fixes & Adjustments

    - A second hardsync OSC module added 

    - Minor adjustments of GUI to improve usability

March 2023 (v0.41)

  • LFO modulation

    - Free waveforms (free LFO's) Speed, Phase and Shape can now be modulated by Mod Envelopes, Pitch Mod, Velocity Mod and LFO to LFO
    - Beware that modulating free LFO's by Mod Envelopes will tend to use more voices (and CPU) depending on envelope release time "R"

  • Pitch and Velocity modulation

    - Fixed! Did not function properly at all due to a schematic blunder... atleast in previous export of
    - "Amount knobs" have now been replaced by "Depth knobs"
    - Modulation types added: (-1)-1, 1-(-1), 0-1, 1-0, 0-(-1) and (-1)-0

  • Assignable C1, C2 and C3

    - Modulation types added: 0-1, 1-0, 0-(-1) and (-1)-0

  • Distortion modulation

    - Fixed. Can now be modulated (in a more reasonable way) even in "Post Env" by both Mod Envelopes and LFO's
    - Beware that modulating Distortion by Mod Envelopes will tend to use more voices (and CPU) depending on envelope release time "R"

  • Other updates

    - Reduced Flowstone schematics in preparation for possible future updates. Means less RAM consumption and slightly shorter loading time... for now atleast.
    - Clear Synth Audio (If synth has issues) can now be triggered via automation in case of concurring stuck notes during playback etc
    - Scope mode (pre/post-filter and post-dist) is now saved with presets
    - Other adjustments of GUI to improve usability

February 2023 (v0.4)

  • LFO's

    - Added waveform DC offset option to most LFO destinations, not only Oct/Semi shifters

  • Mod Envelopes

    - Removed "adaptive" modulation (meant to reduce overmodulation and make fine modulation easier) since they restricted opposing modulations
    - This change affects all Mod Envelope amounts, so any soundpresets made with older versions of will have to be adjusted. Demo presets in v0.4 have been adjusted accordingly to resemble older versions presets

  • Fixes

    - Sub Aux Oscillator should no longer be phase inverted going thru F2 if filters are routed in Series 1 or Series 2
    - Sub Aux Oscillator "Mix" incorrectly affected main Osc Module's bypass level when filters were
    routed in Series 1
    - Other small fixes made...

  • Assignable C1, C2 and C3

    - Option for knob "direct control" removed entirely to reduce Flowstone schematic size of
    - Therefore any need for knob value retention is gone. Value retention didn't work properly anyway since it "messed up" values badly when changing preset
    - Added a knob sensitivity option for "This knob". Normal, Medium or Max

  • Other updates

    - Minor changes to GUI to improve usability

January 2023 (v0.35)

  • Performance improvement

    - Less CPU per knob is used when tweaking / automation
    - Pitch Pan is now also disconnected until used. Similar to modulation knobs.

  • Assignable C1, C2 and C3

    - "This knob" knobs can now be moved to GUI front panel for easy access
    - This placement is saved per preset
    - Some destinations knob values are now temporarily retained when selecting a modulation "type for" and then setting it to Off again. Future updates will include this temporary retention for all destinations knobs and their values.

  • LFO waveforms

    - A few waveforms and Shape control has been added to LFO's
    - Including "crude" stepped waveforms. But they will have to do for now...

  • Fixes & Adjustments

    - Minor adjustments to particular OSC modules. Might mean a somewhat changed tonality

    - Various fixes and some minor adjustments GUI to improve usability

December 2022 (v0.34)

  • Fixes & Adjustments
    - Filter Mix and Aux Osc Mix are no longer linear
    - Aux Oscillator ouput level increased
    - For VST only: Knob sensitivity now remains the same (more or less) regardless of GUI zoom/size
    -  LFO's Noise S&H smooth knob now works better
    - Other minor fixes...

December 2022 (v0.33)

  • Performance improvement
    Functionality for knob "activation" and "deactivation" added. Modulation routings are now disconnected until modulation knobs are used.  Maximum voices increased to 64. Default voice setting now 12 voices.
    Modulation usage overview on the "About" screen. Deactivation of all modulation knobs (unused at default values) can be done there as well.

  • Auxiliary Oscillator
    Aux oscillator phase, shape, mix and pitch can now be modulated

  • GUI improvements
    Better feedback to user with "Please wait" message and other minor adjustments

November 2022 (v0.3)

  • Fundamental Saw
    Alterations to all Osc modules. This changes overall tonality a bit, but permits a slightly greater change to the saw waveform using the Saw Shape on all modules

  • Aux Sub Oscillator Saw Shape
    Saw shape also added to Auxiliary Oscillator's saw waveforms

  • Distortion improvement
    Reduced aliasing on distortion. Still terrible, but maybe some improvement.
    Turning ON/OFF distortion now also stops all notes and sound. Hopefully this reduces chance of distortion not working correctly or crashing

  • Assignable C1, C2 and C3 fix
    Hopefully they work as intended now 

November 2022 (v0.2)

  • Filter Routing
    Three different filter routing options are now available: Parallel, Series 1 and Series 2

  • Auxiliary Oscillator added

    Additional oscillator essentially turns into a rather wonky kind of 2 oscillator synth.

    One of these ocillators of course being the "main" Osc Module which stays the same as before and utilizing different amounts of oscillators inside.

    The new Aux Oscillator is partly decoupled and has it's own Routing and Mix Level settings. Choose to route to filter 1, 2, both or bypass (when used)

For convenience... an AUX dropdown shortcut has been added beside the P3 button

The Aux Oscillator can only be controlled by automation in this version (v0.3). It has not yet been added as modulation nor controller destination. The actual implementation for modulating this oscillator is dependent on future updates. But, some individual "phase, mix and pitch" modulation are likely candidates to be added further on

  • Oct and Semi Shifter changes
    This results in a slight difference of behaviour when modulating them compared to before...
    Knobs "HI "and "LO" have also been added to LFO's destinations "Oct Shift" and "Semi Shift". These two knobs are each a combined DC-offset and Amp that scales the LFO output waveform upwards and downwards

  • Aftertouch

    Support for aftertouch added and can be selected as input source via Assignable C1, C2 and C3

  • Tempo / BPM override

    Custom BPM rate can now be set in the "About" Panel. This setting is mainly aimed at Standalone version if using LFO's BPM match setting when no host is connected (default 120 bpm)

  • Fixes and Adjustments
    • Reduced unwanted/unnerving sound or crackle when changing preset

    • Distortion is now fully disconnected when OFF to reduce some CPU usage. It will now only receive modulation when ON (green)
      - This change unfortunately means a click when turning distortion ON or OFF

    • LFO 1 & 2 are now indicated as active with a "+" in dropdown when ON (waveform is selected)
      - This will reduce risk of missing/forgetting that a LFO is being used and one of it's destinations are modulated by a Mod Envelope... or perhaps an automation track

    • Velo Amp is now also indicated as active with a "+" in dropdown when velocity curve has a non default value

    • Changes to the GUI and buttons to improve usability
      - Some buttons were unresponsive at first click after loading plugin or changing preset

October 2022 (v0.1)

  • export version 0.1 released