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As the FlowStone export of the synth is free... Charging money for or bundling it with other software and selling it without permission is not permitted. Modifying or any part of it's code without permission from it's creator is also not allowed.

Compressed files

Saguaro v0.5 - 32/64 bit VST plugin:
VST 3 versions (ZIP file)
VST 2 versions (ZIP file)

Saguaro v0.5 - 32/64 bit Standalone:

Executable .EXE program (ZIP file)

Don't forget to download the required Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013. You can find it here

Update history

December 2023 New years update (v0.5)

  • Filters

    - 6 dual-filter modes added featuring MV's ZDF filters

  • Rand Detune & LFO "1-Shot Random Glide..."

    - These two work more as intended when used in mono mode (only 1 voice selected)
    - In mono mode, random value is now generated on every note triggered, compared to in poly mode (2+ voices) which only generates a new random value for new voices (iow when no note stealing is occuring)
    - "1-shot Random Glide" waveform now features Shape-knob for setting random distribution (% Gap)... similar to "Rand Detune".

  • Osc Modules & Distortion

    - Additional dynamic HP filtering added internally "here and there" to reduce aliasing somewhat
    - This have likely changed the sound of some Osc Modules and the synth in general

  • Non Automatable Trim / Settings

    - New button-panel added under About tab-screen for adjusting some settings
    - Additional F1 & F2 level adjustment, mouse cursor behaviour and option to change certain knobs into "Sample & Hold" knobs is now available
    - Note: The Non Automatable Trim / Settings are saved per preset, but cannot themselves be automated by DAW
    - More settings might be added to this new button-panel later on...

  • Other Changes

    - Better behaviour of Peak/Level Meter
    - Solo "S" buttons added for each modulation section.
    - All Mute buttons are saved with preset, but Solo is only momentary and deactivated when another section-panel is opened or preset changed
    - A few more options added to some of the Osc Modules
    - LFO Saw S² waveform had wrong initial phase. Corrected.
    - Other adjustments of GUI to improve usability

October 2022 (v0.1) - November 2023 (v0.49)