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As the FlowStone export of the synth is free... Charging money for or bundling it with other software and selling it without permission is not permitted. Modifying or any part of it's code without permission from it's creator is also not allowed.

Compressed files

Saguaro v0.522 - 32/64 bit VST plugin:
VST 3 versions (ZIP file)
VST 2 versions (ZIP file)

Saguaro v0.522 - 32/64 bit Standalone:

Executable .EXE program (ZIP file)

Don't forget to download the required Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013. You can find it here

Update history

June 2024 update (v0.522)

  • Overall changes

    - Knobs now redrawn at a slower rate. Automation redraws even slower. Not as smooth motion but more importantly uses less CPU.
    - Other micro optimizations of FS schematic

  • GUI updates

    - VST Only: Zoom and Day/Night mode now hopefully recalled when DAW loads plugin in a project (only tested with Reaper DAW)
    - P3C knob now indicates current interval if such an Osc Module is selected
    - Frontpanel "MIDI Unison" shortcut-button changed so it no longer opens info message box. Info is still available under it's dropdown
    - Activation indicators under the About-screen now contain clickable shortcuts to the different panels/sections

  • Bug fix

    - Schematic issue caused by FS with some redrawing of LFO1 Uni/bipolar offset previews... hopefully fixed

May 2024 update #3 (v0.521)

  • Mute & Solo

    - Solo button "S" added to Aux Oscillator
    - Mute and Solo for Aux Oscillator now only affects Aux Oscillator and Osc Module. Likewise the different modulation sources Mute- and Solo-buttons does not affect the Aux Oscillator anymore.
    - As before, Mute "M" buttons are saved with preset and can be automated. But Solo "S" buttons are only temporary... and disabled when changing view/panel.

  • Other updates

    - Miniature filter curve illustration added to UI, to aid especially when using ZDF filter combos
    - Knob activation-buttons (yellow) no longer open info message boxes if they are not activated (yellow)
    - Some internal fixes/changes
    - Other minor changes and visual queues added

May 2024 update #2 (v0.52)

  • Night mode UI

    - A darker theme introduced for those who can't stand the highly subtle coloring of the original UI :-)

  • Aux Oscillator

    - Pitch Mode update. Pitchbend can now be independently enabled/disabled for Aux Oscillator

    - Minor change to Noise Velvet behaviour with S1 knob

  • Other changes

    - Minor update to the GUI
    - Some internal fixes/changes

October 2022 (v0.1) - May 2024 (v0.51)