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As the FlowStone export of the synth is free... Charging money for or bundling it with other software and selling it without permission is not permitted. Modifying or any part of it's code without permission from it's creator is also not allowed.

Compressed files

Saguaro v0.52 - 32/64 bit VST plugin:
VST 3 versions (ZIP file)
VST 2 versions (ZIP file)

Saguaro v0.52 - 32/64 bit Standalone:

Executable .EXE program (ZIP file)

Don't forget to download the required Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013. You can find it here

Update history

May 2024 update #2 (v0.52)

  • Night mode UI

    - A darker theme introduced for those who can't stand the highly subtle coloring of the original UI :-)

  • Aux Oscillator

    - Pitch Mode update. Pitchbend can now be independently enabled/disabled for Aux Oscillator

    - Minor change to Noise Velvet behaviour with S1 knob

  • Other changes

    - Minor update to the GUI
    - Some internal fixes/changes

October 2022 (v0.1) - May 2024 (v0.51)